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132kw Pump Series

High Pressure Washer

Product Name:High Pressure Washer
Product Code:Trailer Electric Series
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Main Features:

1.Independent alloy steel high pressure cylinder,straight-line,

2.Compulsory lubrication system.

3.Plunger core automatically regulate device.

4.Babbitt alloy crosshead.

5.The forged steel crankshaft,heavy-duty bearing.

6.Low speed and industrial design.

7.Phase failure,overload protective device.

8.High-endurance,can adapt to long-term continuous operation.


1.Clean and test the pressure of pipelines and containers in chemical plant.

2.Clean and test pressure of chemical containers,reaction kettles and heat exchangers.

3.Test the pressure of the oil and gas wells' control devices.

4.Remove the concrete roughening,remove the rubber,remove the rust,remove the paint,etc.

5.Remove breadcrust in rotary kiln of cement plant.

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